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UTV Side by Side Sand Tire and Wheel Packages

All sand tire and wheel packages are perfect for your RZR, Maverick, or YXZ100R. They come ready to bolt on and ride! Rear sand paddles have been coupled with 9" or 10" wide wheels, depending upon the specific wheel, to maximize rear tire flotation. Tire wheel packages are professionally mounted and include lug nuts and free shipping!

    28 STI Sand Drifter Paddle Tires Wheels

    28" , 30" & 32" SxS Sand Kit
    ​28x10-14 Front / 28x13-14 Rear
    ​30x11-14 Front / 30x13-14 Rear
    3​2x11-14 Front / 32x13-14 Rear

    30 CST Sandblast Sand Blast Paddle Tires

    28" - 30" SxS Sand Kit ultra light!
    28x10-14 Front / 28x12-14 Rear
    ​30x10-14 Front / 30x12-14 Rear

    GMZ Sand Stripper Paddle Tires 28 RZR 1000
    28" SxS Sand Kit
    28x12-14 Front / 28x15-14 Rear
    EFX Sand Slinger Paddle Sand Tires 29 RZR 1000

    28", 29", & 30"  SxS Sand Kit
    28x11-14 Front / 28x14-14 Rear
    29x11-14 Front / 29x14-14 Rear
    30x11-14 Front / 30x14-14 Rear

    Pro Armor Sand Paddle Tires RZR Turbo Package

    30" SxS Sand Kit
    30x11-14 Front / 30x14-14 Rear

    Skat Trak Sand Paddle Ripper Staggered 30 32

    Lightest on the market!
    30" - 32" tires for RZR 1000 / Turbo / Maverick X3

    EFX Sand Slinger Paddle Sand Tires 31

    31"  SxS Sand Kit
    31x11-15 Front / 31x14-15 Rear

    CST Sandblast 32 Sand Paddle Tire Wheel Package

    32"  SxS Sand Kit
    32x10-15 Front / 32x12-15 Rear

    Skat Trak Sand Paddle Ripper Staggered 30 32

    Lightest on the market!
    32" tires Skats on 15" Wheels RZR Turbo S and Maverick X3

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