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How to measure ATV Tire Height 

A commonly asked question is "How do I measure the height of an ATV tire?"

The industry standard to calculate ATV tire height is by measuring the circumference and dividing by pi (3.14). 

  • The weight of the ATV or Side-by-Side should not be on the tire.  The tire can either be removed from the machine or the machine can simply be jacked up so that the tire does not touch the ground.  
    • The weight of the machines can vary tremendously.  For utility ATV's this could be a light weight Honda 250 Recon, or a Polaris RZR 4.  The weight of the machine effects the amount of tire "squat".
  • Inflate the tire to normal operating pressure.  Generally speaking, this is usally 7  to 8 psi for most atv tires.  However, for some larger tires, specifically those suited for UTV's or Side-by-Sides, they often have higher maximum operating pressures and loads.  The tire height is often sized at this operating pressure, which can be as high as 15-20 psi depending upon each tire.  Maximum operating pressure is indicated on the sidewall of the tire.  
  • Use a soft tape measure and measure the circumference of the tire at the centerline of the tread.
  • The diameter will be equal to the circumference divided by pi (3.14).  This will give you the overall tire height in inches!

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