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ATV Sand Tires and Sand Paddles

Sand dune riding can be one of the most exhilarating and thrilling kind of ATV riding.  We offer a variety of sand paddle tires, so that you can choose a tire that best fits your type of riding. All tire sizes are specified in overall tire diameter x tire width x wheel size. (Example: 20x11x9 is 20" tall x 11" wide x 9" diameter wheel size).

We have both straight paddle and angle paddle designs depending upon your riding preference.  Straight paddle tires are good for straight line racing, sand hill climbing, and sand dragging.  These tires maximize forward traction.  Angled paddle tires are more suitable for general riding as they allow for easier steering and more control compared to straight paddle tires.  Sand paddle tires that are larger in diameter and with more paddles generally require more power and larger displacement engines.

    ITP Sand Star Paddle Tire
    Starting at $85.95
    18", 20", 22" and 26" rear sizes
    ITP Dune Star ATV Sand Tire
    26" front and rear sizes
    Interco V45 ATV Sand Tire
    Starting at $45.80
    21-22" front sizes; 20" rear sizes
    ITP Sand Star Front ATV Sand Tire
    19", 21", 22" and 26" front sizes
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